Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christian Johnson Cooks Up Something Special

Christian Johnson is an amazing painter, draftsman, sculptor and also one hell of a printmaker. I was very curious to see which one of his skills he would be using this year in Single Fare 2. For the show Christian made a very special edition of linocuts on metrocards.... they are simply amazing. There will be two sets of 12 in the show. One set will be in the main gallery... so you better get there early if you want one. The second set will also be at the gallery... but we have something a little special planned for those.

What lives under Ryan Scully's bed?

Ryan Scully's bio-morphic landscape paintings have been blowing us away with their scope and beauty for years. For Single Fare 2 he turns off the lights and reveals a new narrative with familiar characters. A night-time gathering of faceless forms or the last thing you see on a long walk on moonless evening? Come find out this Thursday at Sloan Fine Art!

Ryan's gorgeous work can be seen at