Monday, March 28, 2011

All Good Things...

Single Fare 2 has come and gone. It was a bigger success than we could ever have imagined. We want to thank all of the talented, imaginative and passionate artists that made the show what it was. The
show's success was because of you all and we were proud of every single piece we put on the wall. We hope to see you, and a whole new group of MetroCartists, next year with all new amazing and inspiring work!

We also wanted to thank all the hard working people that made this show happen. First off:

Alix- You are amazing. Everything that could have happened, did, and you handled it all with grace and style. Can't wait to do it again. We love you.

Jason and Jane- Our stalwart neighbors. Without you both the show would lack some of it's best work, but more importantly, it would lack a hefty chunk of the kind of spirit that makes putting the show together such a joy for us.

Jackie- Our secret weapon. You put your head down and bite down on the reigns and ride straight into the night to get the job done. All that, and bad-ass with the ole brush and paints to boot.

Johnnie and Anthony- To most: the guys behind the counter. To us: the guys behind the running of the show. Without you both, this thing never would have gotten off the ground or landed as safely as it did. You are both in our hearts and we owe you more than we could give.

Justin- You sweated it out with us during the epic 16 hour hanging, you blew art lovers away with your 3D metrocards, and you helped the opening be a great one by working the whole time and selling cards. A serious trifecta and a serious help throughout the week of Single Fare.

We want to thank all of the artists who so generously donated work to the Charity Raffle. Your contributions made this show something really special and helped us take the entire Single Fare experience to the next level. We wish to thank: Julie
Heffernan, Ali Benisadr, Jane LaFarge Hamill, Jason Bereswell, Alyssa Monks, Eric White, Christian Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Peter Drake and Dean Monogenis.

To the myriad of current
Academy students, friends, partners and significant others (too many to name or keep track of, sorry!) that stopped by to help for a few hours or just a few cards to help us get the job done- Thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you. Your good cheer brought us through the dark times and made the good times brighter! You might be unnamed, but not forgotten!

Jacobsmeyer- from the very beginning your enthusiasm has really embodied the spirit of Single Fare maybe more than anyone else. From the inventiveness of your Single Fare metrocards to your wonderful support of the show, you are at the very heart of the Single Fare community: your passionate commitment to your own work is only matched by your support of, and interest in, everyone else's work.

Lastly, a special shout-out goes to Peter and Janice. Peter, the quality of your work is only transcended by the level of support and dedication that you and Janice have always so generously shown for the show, it's work, it's artists, and it's founders. Our deep, deep thanks for all of your love and generosity.

Thank you, one and all,

Jean-Pierre Roy
Michael Kagan

Saturday, March 26, 2011

DAILY FEATURED CARDS-Picked by Peter Drake

"With only a few days remaining I want to highlight a few cards each day before the show closes on Saturday at 6pm" -Peter Drake

Cards by Sally Sloan - It’s springtime isn’t it? Floral & graphic patterns that brighten a dark day. Famous mother of famous daughter can you guess who? See more of Sally's work at

Cards by Amber Sena - Beaks, Snouts & Noses they are all here. Mix & Match as they are all unique. See more of Amber's work at

Cards by Susan Siegel - Susan says “I've been told my work is variously heaven-obscuring, irrational, charming, voluptuous, absurd, contentious, baffling, deluxe and knotty. I leave it to the viewer to decide what it means.” See more of Susan's work at

Cards by Heidi Elbers - A New Orleans native Heidi has made NYC…Bushwick her new home. After co-curating BETA Spaces “XX” with fellow talented artist Mike Meadors, Heidi is back in her studio. Quoting Elbers on Bushwick and its arts community: “I wanted to be part of this, I really sought this out specifically. This is all about collaboration and building a community.” See more of Heidi's work at

Metrocard Hobo by Jason Sho Green - Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of these big globs of paint flesh. This Brooklyn emerging artist has a great sketchbook feed at See more of Jason's work at

Cards by Amy Rublaitus - Dark and moody, bulls and barren landscapes. An artist who I look forward to seeing more from. Amy hails originally from Ohio and makes NYC her home now.
See more of Amy's work in a video shot last year in her NYAA studio at

Friday, March 25, 2011


We are finishing a the week with a flurry of press and we are doing it in style. Here is the link to Single Fare 2 on

DAILY FEATURED CARDS-Picked by Peter Drake

"With only a few days remaining I want to highlight a few cards each day before the show closes on Saturday at 6pm" -Peter Drake

Cards by Joel Dugan - Another new artist to me, Brooklyn based artist Joel Dugan’s cards are subtle. You might notice the surface first, a clear thick coat of varnish or epoxy resin but keep looking as the images will stay with you. See more of Joel's work at

Sleeping Series by Samuel Evensen - These pieces are even more wonderful in person. Unfortunately I must say I waited too long as all 10 were snapped up and now each have a red dot. Great pieces Samuel.
See more of Samuel's work at

Card by Mike Smith - Notions, darkened intersections and figures caught in the undertow all show up in the work of Mike Smith. An avid outdoorsman, Mike knows his way on an ice cliff or up a mountain. Wonder what is in his mind(s) in this one? See more of Mike's work at

Hand Hole punched cards by Carson Fox - 120+ suspended Icicles, thousands of cast resin flowers, mounds of faceted clouds of snowflakes and not to forget Squirrels. All are found in Carson’s recent large-scale installations.See more of Carson's work at

Card by Angela Gram - Creepy Good work by emerging artist Angela Gram. Angela is a first year MFA student at the New York Academy of Art who did her BFA at RISD. You will want to see more… For a look into her NYAA studio click HERE! See more of Anglea's work at

Two Days!

Today and tomorrow (Saturday) are the last days to see Single Fare 2. Sloan Fine Art will be open both days from 12-6pm. As exepected... we have been getting more great press this week. Flavorwire has a really great slideshow of some of the work and Single Fare 2 was also an "Editor's Pick" of the week on Flavorpill. DailyCandy also thinks that Single Fare 2 is so amazing that it is part of their famous "weekend guide."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DAILY FEATURED CARDS-Picked by Peter Drake

"With only a few days remaining I want to highlight a few cards each day before the show closes on Saturday at 6pm" -
Peter Drake

Frienemies by John Nickle - John is the genius behind the animated movie "The Ant Bully" which was produced by Playtone (Tom Hanks). See more of John's work at

Metroprints by Aliene De Souza Howell - Following her research projects & series on the Greensboro Massacre, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and the Landless Workers' Movement in Brazil, Aliene says "I'm exploring ideas of social constructs and how we've chosen to define ourselves as humans. I'm using animals in my work to highlight the herd mentality within us and bring an element of humor." See more of Aliene's work at

Watercolor cards by Austin Power - Austin's work is new to me, but not to Beautiful Decay, Daily Brink, Booooooom & See more of Austin's work at

Cards by Yuan Yuan Yang - Born in China, Yuan went to Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Credits collecting art films, horror movies and indie, alternative & electronic music as influences in her art. See more of Yuan's work at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These Are The Days!!!

Sloan Fine Art is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the last day for SINGLE FARE 2 is this Saturday March 26. (12-6pm daily). Tons of amazing work is still available and the entire exhibition is still on view. Check out Andrew Baker's blog if you don't believe us, click HERE... you can thank him later!

All trains lead to Sloan Fine Art!

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Opening!
4:15 PM-Reuters arrived with camera crew
4:45 PM-a line had formed around the block
5:00 PM-doors swung open and the gallery was packed till 9:00PM...
It was EPIC!

Thank you to all participating Single Fare artists, collectors, and everyone else who helped make the night a huge success.

A special thanks to Jane Lafarge Hamill and Christian Johnson for photographing the evening.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christian Johnson Cooks Up Something Special

Christian Johnson is an amazing painter, draftsman, sculptor and also one hell of a printmaker. I was very curious to see which one of his skills he would be using this year in Single Fare 2. For the show Christian made a very special edition of linocuts on metrocards.... they are simply amazing. There will be two sets of 12 in the show. One set will be in the main gallery... so you better get there early if you want one. The second set will also be at the gallery... but we have something a little special planned for those.

What lives under Ryan Scully's bed?

Ryan Scully's bio-morphic landscape paintings have been blowing us away with their scope and beauty for years. For Single Fare 2 he turns off the lights and reveals a new narrative with familiar characters. A night-time gathering of faceless forms or the last thing you see on a long walk on moonless evening? Come find out this Thursday at Sloan Fine Art!

Ryan's gorgeous work can be seen at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Till The Break of Dawn!

We started at 10am Monday morning and hit it hard! It could not have been done without our awesome installation team! We powered through and hung the last card around 3am... not too bad for a few thousand cards! INSTALLATION COMPLETE!!!

A special thanks to Jason Bereswill, Jane Lafarge Hamill, Jackie Dingle, John Jacobsmeyer, Justin Rome, and the many others for their dedication and super hard work. You guys are great friends and installers... and also amazing participating artists in Single Fare 2!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stephen Shaheen + 5,000 MetroCards = ?

Find out this Thursday at Single Fare 2 !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaker Baker, come in good buddy!

If Andrew Baker paints a felled tree in a forest and no one sees it, is it still a painting? We'll never know because hundreds of people are gonna see his beautiful and mysterious new works next week at Single Fare 2!

Read his blog entry about the process of making the work here at