Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Race is ON!

Following on the heels of his "Apocalypse Now" film-abstraction from the 2010 show, Single Fare Co-Founder Jean-Pierre Roy releases the first image from his new 30 painting series from THE seminal piece of Post-Apocalyptic cinema. Any guesses?

Hell Yeah Hamill!

Our next door studio neighbor and painter extraordinaire Jane Hamill emailed us this teaser photo this morning...

Looks like Ms. Hamill is gearing up for something pretty huge for Single Fare 2!

Jane created ten amazing MetroCards as part of Single Fare 2010, they were super popular and sold like hot cakes within the first few minutes of the opening!

Here is an example of Jane's work from Single Fare 2010, expect big things from her again in Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again!

Too see more of Jane's work go check out her new monster of a painting in the group show "Aloft" at J. Cacciola Gallery opening this Thursday Feburary 17th in NYC !