Saturday, March 26, 2011

DAILY FEATURED CARDS-Picked by Peter Drake

"With only a few days remaining I want to highlight a few cards each day before the show closes on Saturday at 6pm" -Peter Drake

Cards by Sally Sloan - It’s springtime isn’t it? Floral & graphic patterns that brighten a dark day. Famous mother of famous daughter can you guess who? See more of Sally's work at

Cards by Amber Sena - Beaks, Snouts & Noses they are all here. Mix & Match as they are all unique. See more of Amber's work at

Cards by Susan Siegel - Susan says “I've been told my work is variously heaven-obscuring, irrational, charming, voluptuous, absurd, contentious, baffling, deluxe and knotty. I leave it to the viewer to decide what it means.” See more of Susan's work at

Cards by Heidi Elbers - A New Orleans native Heidi has made NYC…Bushwick her new home. After co-curating BETA Spaces “XX” with fellow talented artist Mike Meadors, Heidi is back in her studio. Quoting Elbers on Bushwick and its arts community: “I wanted to be part of this, I really sought this out specifically. This is all about collaboration and building a community.” See more of Heidi's work at

Metrocard Hobo by Jason Sho Green - Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of these big globs of paint flesh. This Brooklyn emerging artist has a great sketchbook feed at See more of Jason's work at

Cards by Amy Rublaitus - Dark and moody, bulls and barren landscapes. An artist who I look forward to seeing more from. Amy hails originally from Ohio and makes NYC her home now.
See more of Amy's work in a video shot last year in her NYAA studio at