Monday, March 28, 2011

All Good Things...

Single Fare 2 has come and gone. It was a bigger success than we could ever have imagined. We want to thank all of the talented, imaginative and passionate artists that made the show what it was. The
show's success was because of you all and we were proud of every single piece we put on the wall. We hope to see you, and a whole new group of MetroCartists, next year with all new amazing and inspiring work!

We also wanted to thank all the hard working people that made this show happen. First off:

Alix- You are amazing. Everything that could have happened, did, and you handled it all with grace and style. Can't wait to do it again. We love you.

Jason and Jane- Our stalwart neighbors. Without you both the show would lack some of it's best work, but more importantly, it would lack a hefty chunk of the kind of spirit that makes putting the show together such a joy for us.

Jackie- Our secret weapon. You put your head down and bite down on the reigns and ride straight into the night to get the job done. All that, and bad-ass with the ole brush and paints to boot.

Johnnie and Anthony- To most: the guys behind the counter. To us: the guys behind the running of the show. Without you both, this thing never would have gotten off the ground or landed as safely as it did. You are both in our hearts and we owe you more than we could give.

Justin- You sweated it out with us during the epic 16 hour hanging, you blew art lovers away with your 3D metrocards, and you helped the opening be a great one by working the whole time and selling cards. A serious trifecta and a serious help throughout the week of Single Fare.

We want to thank all of the artists who so generously donated work to the Charity Raffle. Your contributions made this show something really special and helped us take the entire Single Fare experience to the next level. We wish to thank: Julie
Heffernan, Ali Benisadr, Jane LaFarge Hamill, Jason Bereswell, Alyssa Monks, Eric White, Christian Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Peter Drake and Dean Monogenis.

To the myriad of current
Academy students, friends, partners and significant others (too many to name or keep track of, sorry!) that stopped by to help for a few hours or just a few cards to help us get the job done- Thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you. Your good cheer brought us through the dark times and made the good times brighter! You might be unnamed, but not forgotten!

Jacobsmeyer- from the very beginning your enthusiasm has really embodied the spirit of Single Fare maybe more than anyone else. From the inventiveness of your Single Fare metrocards to your wonderful support of the show, you are at the very heart of the Single Fare community: your passionate commitment to your own work is only matched by your support of, and interest in, everyone else's work.

Lastly, a special shout-out goes to Peter and Janice. Peter, the quality of your work is only transcended by the level of support and dedication that you and Janice have always so generously shown for the show, it's work, it's artists, and it's founders. Our deep, deep thanks for all of your love and generosity.

Thank you, one and all,

Jean-Pierre Roy
Michael Kagan


  1. The two of you get the biggest thanks from the rest of us- all 1800 of us artists and hundreds of collectors- for rounding us all together for 10 great days of art and community.

  2. A HUGE thank you from the crew at NYC ARTS ( for including us in an event so illustrative of the dynamic, diverse and CREATIVE world that is the NYC ARTS community. You two men are the real thing: creative visionaries who also get the job done!

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