Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What lives under Ryan Scully's bed?

Ryan Scully's bio-morphic landscape paintings have been blowing us away with their scope and beauty for years. For Single Fare 2 he turns off the lights and reveals a new narrative with familiar characters. A night-time gathering of faceless forms or the last thing you see on a long walk on moonless evening? Come find out this Thursday at Sloan Fine Art!

Ryan's gorgeous work can be seen at

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    I am smitten by the whole concept, I am looking forward to visiting after your crowds abate...
    Reminds me of the great and tiny art sometimes entered in The 5k Contest, a web design challenge that required entries to be comprised of no more "file weight" than five Kilobytes....
    THIS entire Comment, saved as a page of html would weigh 0.41k, add one tiny image ,
    and you're done!