Monday, April 19, 2010

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  1. recalling the exhibit theme, i wanted the trains themselves to participate in making my "Single Fare" exhibit pieces ---no easy thing to get objects to smoosh together permanently into one-another by train-impact.

    getting onto mta tracks for artsy purposes safely and without being caught (i learned the hard way to NEVER ask ---long story) is trickier still. each mixed media panel contains train-modified objects.

    even though i've worked large for the past few years (6.5 ft x 1 ft omnidirectional panels), this exhibit struck a chord with me and i ~had~ to hang there. it is a big exception to my expected style to work tiny ---though at least i've maintained (thanks for okaying it) my traditional 1x6.5 "aspect ratio".

    there are mostly farecards from the city on these mini-panels, but also a few from dc and chicago. sooo much travel lately. you'll be getting a box from me by mail soon ---from i don't even know what town.